Snoopy and the Peanuts : Reviews by the 6èmes6

par Mme Jules

Our rating :
4 stars out of 5
We liked it
when the children are skating and playing hockey
when Charrlie Brown is flying his kite .( anonymous)
When Snoopy is fighting the Red Baron ( Mona)
When Snoopy is writing the screenplay ( Donovan)
When Snoopy is drinking with his brothers and sisters ( Gaïa)
When Snoopy is dancing ( Marcel, Yannis) and he is falling and he is wet ( Jagoda)
When Snoopy is flying ( Quirec)
When Snoopy thinks he is the RedBaron ( (Thomas)
When Snoopy is flying over Paris in his doghouse ( anonymous)
When Snoopy is dreaming about his life as a pilot ( Chiara)
When the girl with red hair chooses Charlie as her correspondent ( Margot)
When Chalie says he didn’t do the test ( Maël)
When Snoopy is showing Charlie how to dance ( Lucile)

We didn’t like it
when the children are working at school. ( anonymous)
when Charlie Brown is singing ( Donovan)
when the pupils didn’t want to play with Charlie Brown ( Gaïa, Jagoda)
When Snoopy is dancing( Marcel, Lana)
When Charlie Brown learns how to dance ( Louis)
When it was the end of the film ( Quirec)
When the children are speaking because I don’t understand all(anonymous)
When nobody chooses wants Charlie Brown as partner ( anonymous)
When Charlie Brown is ridiculous ( Chiara)
When Snoopy is writing his book and when he starts dreaming . dreaming and reality are mixed and we don’t understand the story , it goes too fast ( Lucile)
When Charlie Brown is on stage with his sister and he is doing stupid things ( Maya)
When Charlie Brown is flying his kite( Margot, Lana, Yannis)
When Snoopy is flying in the sky ( Maël)