Steve and Little Red Riding Hood

par Mme Jules

Red’s mother was baking chocolate chips cookies in the kitchen when the phone rang
It was her mother , she had flu and a sore throat because she didn’t get a flu shot.
Her daughter Red was in her bedroom : she was watching a DVD of Psycho on her computer and she didn’t come when her mother called her
Her mother was very angry and shouted at her « WHY DIDN’T YOU COME WHEN I CALLED YOU ? » Red answered she was doing her homework in the toilet.
Her mother asked her to bring a basket with some butter, cakes and cognac to her sick grandmother.She also said « Do not talk to strangers ! »
Red was picking a bouquet of flowers ( red, white, purple, blue flowers) when she met a stranger . She told him she was going to her sick grandma’s.
The stranger drove to the grandma in his Lamborghini and he ate her. When Red arrived he gobbled her up too !

  • Steve’s version was good . It was a little funny when we said that Red was watching a movie on computer or when the stranger take the Lamborghini. His version has a bad ending ( Léo)
  • I think that Steve’s tale is good because instead of a wolf it’s a stranger, the stranger eats the little girl and there isn’t woodcutter ( Manon C.)
  • I like Steve’s version because it was funny, for example, the stranger with his glasses and his hat ( Joanna)
  • I like in the story when the wolf drives the lamborghini( Erwan)